Our Visit to Timbavati (Sept 24-25, 2016)

What a great time!

Our family loves visiting zoos.  Couple times a month we visit zoos around the area.  So when we planned our trip to the dells, we made sure to schedule in a day for Timbavati.

We started the day at the park shortly after 10am, and spent a good 3 hours walking and checking out all that it had to offer.  Ran back to our hotel had food, rested for a bit, and went back around 4 for more!

We started by walking the edge, checking out all the enclosures near the perimeter.  We were happy to see how clean they all were, all the animals were VERY well fed.  Healthy looking and strong.  Then we saw the flamingos, the lemurs, spider monkey, and penguins in the front center. 

We headed around by the nursery, aviary, and "farm" and really enjoyed our time back there.  The camel was a ton of fun, loved our attention.  The aviary was a BLAST! the birds were active and looked great! Lots of variety.  Pygmy and dwarf (i believe) goats were super friendly, our kids loved the time spent with them.  

We then made our way to big cats, Where they all looked very healthy and well fed.  Chubby kitties :P.  The assortment of large cats was impressive.  We have yet to visit a zoo with so many species over 100lbs.  I believe there was 5, the cougar, the leopards (african and clouded), mountain lion, lions, and tigers (bengal and white).  The tigers and lions enclosures were basic, but suitable.  They had a fresh water area, a sand substrate, and a concrete border. The enclosures were  clean, the cats were clean.  The back of the cat enclosure was really nice.  The other large breeds all had much more involved enclosures with water falls, a coarse mulch like base.  also very clean, with enrichment items in the enclosures for the cats to play with. 

We then made our way around the back into the woods, and were able to interact with species like the Rhea, Ostrich, Nilgai, crown crane, capybara, kangaroos, the emus, including WHITE emus and more.  The white emus being very rare with no other known white emus on display for public viewing in the nation!  

*To back track some, when we intially were approaching the park,I joked, hey if they would only offer a discount on the train ride like half off, I would get the train rides as well for the family.....

We get to the ticket counter, talking with the rep, and he informs me, that they now offer discounted train rides with admission to the park!  So I had to do it at that point :P

We went home that saturday night without doing the train ride.  We returned then the next morning to do our train ride and enjoyed it!  I would say it covers 20% of what the park offers.  However that 20% has much more info about the animals in it.  

I would recommend that you do the entire park WITH the train! And I recommend that you start with the train.  do the 30 minute loop, learn about the train itself, the enclosures, and the grass roots approach the owners have.  I greatly admire and appreciate their simplistic yet clean approach.  Reuse what you can, and keep things simple.  

Sadly we didn't get to meet the park owners, I did read reviews of plenty of others who had.  We did speak to a few park associates. We really enjoyed the wildlife presentation.  Watching the sloth treck down the pig race path, racing the tortoise, hehe.  My family now wants a pet skunk as well!.  

The price is fair.  I wouldn't call it cheap by any means. and honestly it was more than we wanted to spend on some entertainment.  Couldn't be happier with my purchase however!  We had SO much fun, and for 2 adults 1 child (and the baby was free) it cost us roughly 75 dollars for our admission, train rides, and some feed for the animals.   We were told that a large portion of our fees go directly to the animals, and honestly you can see that.  The care for the animals is by far the #1 priority there. Education and advancement of the species.  .  The devotion and care they show for the animals here is quite apparent.  I have read that the owners breed exotic pets in central WI.  And all i can say about that, if you are looking for an exotic, go to them, they take fantastic care of their animals!

Being able to interact with the animals added so much more than a basic zoo experience.  So many of the animals could be touched, talked to, and approached.  We seen only one animal in a stressed state.  One porcupine we saw looked slightly agitated, pacing back and forth scratching at the door, but that could be so many numerous things.  the other one in the enclosure was calm and friendly.  Im guessing it was close to feeding time and he was READY TO EAT! Comparing this to many nationally accredited zoos with large national associations, This place far exceeded any expectations, in fact it raises what i expect from our local zoos now!

We look forward to returning and seeing the park continue to grow.  Look forward to meeting the mastermind behind it all at some point as well!  We are big fans!